Foot prints on the sands of time

Jeevitha DM
Published on: 17th August 2015

Prize and possession got in past;
Success that hooked the cast;
Fruits of achievements do not last,
As our life garlands the time fast!

Building turns to ruins in times play;
Black hair turns to grey,
Time withers away everything,
Keeping itself, prominent and everlasting in Sway!

Change is the only perennial,
And that is something more than real;
Life and death comes in this sphere,
Paving way to people immemorial …

Few people go out of this times sway,
And, create something magical in the way;
Embarking the synonym of humanity,
And they make their way towards eternity.

What they cast is a positive spell,
Times change, fragrance of their dreams still smell,
As, Foot prints on the stands of time tell,
That they lived a life, that’s immortal.
Foot prints on the sands of time
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