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Joy of Next STEP

Heart feels light when out of fight;
Things go right to take its height;
As, we unlock our dream;
And adjust our flow according to stream!

Happiness crosses bounds,
As our energies confound,
People who held you back go astound!
As our actions echos and resound...

Resilience is what one must inculcate,
To stabilize oneself in any state,
Pro-founding to the dreams that we intake,
Next step is always that we must cultivate.

What keeps you going is that, you must LEAD
Joy of next step will always seed this HEED
As it adds feathers to the cap of DEED
And satisfies your heart and lead you to PROCEED.
Joy of Next STEP

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Jeevitha DM
Jeevitha DM is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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