Michael Dale-Asiedu
Published on: 23rd August 2016

The sullen smiles betray us to treacheries of goodwill
Pellets of foreboding, eclipse of gushing grace
The unusual cacophony of sunshine is birthed at night
The rain ravages where it used to bring a sigh of relief

A trigger is pulled, fists are raised, a crowned slap in the North
Ricocheted barricade of progress, the fall is nigh
Dim lights display near and yonder, the next tik-tok is bleak
The dunes reign no more, the desert aches deep

The south forces marriage with the east, the west is summoned to witness
Hope is far-off; the triumph of retrogression is enigmatic
Trust is misplaced; a parent is scared of his son’s prodigy
Rock solid dread and regret project one’s visit to Limpo.

The order is fallen; hope is vain, abodes abandoned.
The coronation of doom is trumpeted mightily
Mercy, the religious implore, visit us with an abyss no more
Eclipse of sun shine, we need, floods of favor we beseech thee

In place of our transgressions, let precious pearls of pity and patience prevail.
But to what end? The hunter prays, the hyena preys, ready to pounce.
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