Michael Dale-Asiedu
Published on: 3rd August 2016

You bring unimaginable joy to me
A spark of hope you bring to my world
A world hitherto sullen and solitary

When you talk, you address the fears of my mind
You sooth my aching soul with your honey-filled melodies
My heart finds a shelter in you, never to depart no more
In you I find my being, you bring back long forgotten memories

Memories likened to the Kune-Chichi kind of love
How I yearn for your telepathic caresses
My oasis in the desert have you become

It is true we taste darkness, so we can appreciate day
Like a sweet scented petal, you attracted many insects
From far and near they sought your love and attention

Yellow, Indian, Hispanic, Asian, White they did come
Yet you chose me, a Nubian man
Trusted the oceans when it was still
When it became stormy with its accompanying uncertainties,

You foresaw the end of the tempest and built your nest
I am married to your embraces forever
Through thick and thin, I will remain true

In life’s ups and downs, I will be there
Till your mortal remains is lowered beneath
I will remain yours truly and faithfully
I love you my love, I love you.
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