Maria Grujicic
Published on: 17th December 2013

I wrote the ideas for this poem when I was traveling in Europe. My impressions came to me when I was in Paris. The most delightful experiences come spontaneously and a plan that disappointments is the result of the burden one must hold to realise the truth.

My best friends and I had a plan to go to Paris together and dance at the park. I romanced about it, ignoring an important fact that it will winter. But I didn't care because I felt in my heart that it will all fall into place. I would forget the cold, we would improvise, and the strength of friendship would help us pull together to experience the magic a once in a lifetime opportunity this brought.

Disappointments and insecurities lurked in the air until we came to a place where we danced. I have a deep love for the friendship I felt at that moment, because they were a part of the moments I dreamed to have. Call me a dreamer but without it I am not the person I am and I cannot write, and I cannot be in the world that I want to be in. A dreamer isn't obsessed about results. A dreamer enjoys the process, may not get there, but is fulfilled by the moment of these sensations and can foresee what is to come. This is a poem about the reality of a dreamer and the possibilities that a dreamer creates.

It's not easy to leave
A house randomly placed
Created by a heart
that moved on
Leaving the house in disgrace
Just so that she could manage it
Upon looking back
She separated the trees
Like shop window displays
All in a row
All well-behaved
Once she realized
Everything was a lie
All became clear
It was then
She could manage it

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