The Pursuit of Happiness

Samikshya Dhimal
Published on: 17th December 2014
The Pursuit of Happiness, positive attitude We, human beings want to achieve so many things in our life and we set ourselves in a race; a race of achievement, a race of development and a race of life. Finally, when some reasons settle us down in our life, we start to regret and we point out our family, friends, relatives and the world for the problem. And we feel like, "If my dad would..", "If my mom would.." blah..blah. What we want is the world to change for us. But why? Why the hell will others change for us? This is a selfish world and here 'strength pays strength'. So, no one is going to change for us neither their changing is going to create any difference on us.

So, what the point is that we need to change for ourselves. The world will also change but for its own success. But when we are changed, we start having positive attitude, we'll see the whole world changing and that for us shall be encouraging. We feel the greatness of life and the blissfulness of being alive. We will fall in love with the same world which we cursed for being the reason for our failure and we will thank the same world for being the reason for our happiness. Thus, positive attitude is the only requirement for success, happiness, love and every positive energy that we want in our life. Stay positive, love yourself, love life.
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