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Fascinating Truth

This fascinating truth comes out

from your mouth to surround

my feelings like the lights

that touch the darkness

in the underground - optical fiber sensors

in the smart fields with heat,



or squeezing. This truth

is a thing I know for sure,

a thing I know

I can live for. It makes me understand

our relationship

from the inside out. A new sun

is inside this secret world

of our little garden

situated in front of our cave temple,

and I spend time fleshing out


what "embodied" signifies. Optical fibers

always pick up ground tremors. Even so, I am the only

one trying to do something good

around, but I am growing up in slavery

on your love plantation,

which is ruthless and

has turbulent waters. The sun disappears there,

nor its rays can

heat the floods to make them disappear.

This truth is like a holm.

It makes you rethink

what you know about the Creation,

and what love means,

when you are still alive

on the edge of your thinking

between certitude and denial,

and when God is out of your vision.

Fascinating Truth,life
It is about

overcoming the idea

of what makes you be so fearful. I fell in love

with you the way you fall asleep:

all at once while standing

like the sun in the sky before the sunset.

Clean and uncluttered, this truth

belongs to a twilight time and makes you,


do absurd things. We are inside this plasma,

and plasma is inside

everything. It is

incandescent in the sun, and I am

curious to know if

you are able to

stop orbit yourself around it

even for a second. No, you are not able to

do this, but you are able

to stop the truths be spoken. All the absurd

things are cool. Their spirits lose

their oxygen ions

to generate that matter

in no pain. The spiritual things

are in pulsing metamorphosis

to break in pieces,

or to turn back after a long, hard,

but reversing process before becoming


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