Live beyond defined definitions

Jeevitha DM
Published on: 10th December 2014

Whenever I would read the definition,
I remembered it after a lot of repetition;
To ensure to understand its punctuation,
Whenever it is read/uttered by a person.

When the same definition comes into picturization-
That gives me doubt on its perfection,
Triggering mind to define that definition,
Which in turn redefines the word definition!

Because, it’s away from the present consideration,
Where few definitions become obsolete for the situation;
As they don’t hold good meaning for the present generation,
So, we will have to live beyond the defined definitions!!!

To conquer the whole world in the new fashion,
To set a trend for the upcoming generation,
By a way, where they can design new definitions,
And not get lead by defined definitions.
Live beyond defined definitions,perfection
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