What is this?

Marabi S. Hydara
Published on: 14th December 2014

The world is so tired
As this is so weird 
To live with no peace
With all its wide space
For us to dwell 
Yet its real hell 

As none has the wisdom
To give us some freedom
From this killing kingdom
As everywhere is ceased
With millions of deceased 

Please give us the chance 
To enjoy our peace 
With some ease 
We are tired of the bombing 
With nonsense kidnapping
From our surrounding 

We are living in continuous dismay 
Even though we are in May 
But this should not continue every day
We are tired of the silence 
Even though we have patience 
But this is not excellence 

Stop this mass killing 
As the world is tired of the wailing 
For its innocent dwelling

what is this, wierd world
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