Act, Don't just React!

Jeevitha DM
Published on: 5th December 2015

Tuck in traffic or in life,
That will prick you like a knife;
Only solution to get out of it alive,
Just ACT, and Don't REACT in life.

King of Mitila, a supreme saint,
Drought had overpowered his State,
12 years of Reaction made him wait,
But, 1right action lead him to right.

We in life, React more!
When we know action can help us swim to shore;
Why? We don't realize on this fact...
At the end what we all do is React!

Work (kriya) is our only duty,
Instead if we React (Prathikriya) its our stupidity;
Because action brings in sovereignty,
Which leads life to supremacy.

When you try to whirl around solution is Reaction,
When you do, what you were assigned to do is Action,
All we need to do is understand this differentiation,
And act with a note of positive perception.
Act, Don't just React!
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