My Dad - My Hero

Jeevitha DM
Published on: 8th December 2015

I still remember those days,
When you held my hand, and I walked with all grace;
The society recognized me as your daughter,
But to you, I was no less than son - who would look after.

Morning breakfast to night dinner,
you were there to feed me ever,
Pen or box whatsoever;
you were the one to arrange it as ever.

Naughty dramas or cute emotions;
you were the one who enjoyed all my actions;
Teachers scolding or lecturers appreciation;
you were the one who listened to it like recitation.

Your life is a selfless lesson,
What you taught me is to be a medicine,
Take hold of every situation,
And, earn a respected position.

Failures ton and you were one,
to hold me tight in any situation.
Prizes won and appreciation "n",
your tears of happiness spoke a million ton.

Endless count of the sacrifices you made;
Just to make sure that I got whatever I prayed;
Your belief in me got me a respected name,
Trust me, it could not happen without your name.

You were the reason, for whatever I was,
You are the reason, for whatever I am,
You shall be the reason, for all my achievements further,
Because you are my inspiration - dad, you are my hero forever!
My Dad - My Hero
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