Dear Me

Maria Grujicic
Published on: February 2012

Dear Me ...
She didn't touch it
Not because of the content
But because of the beauty
of how it was written
The memory envisioned
of each letter, each stroke,
of each curve
She imagined herself there,
And the way her hand swerved
Caressingly as she wrote

She went to destroy it
A highly devoted aim
But the unconditional love
She had for it
Held her back again
To watch
To admire it
And after she read it
She urged herself
to tear the pages away

But the beauty she saw
The unconditional love
she had for it

dear me,envision It was a power
Mightier than her

Like nature's design
to protect this beauty
She had inside
Not to own it
But to diligently be it
The unconditional love for it
Opened her eyes
Empty tears
Like a baby that cries
With nothing but hope inside
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