World; The Sea

Zoha Khalid
Published on: February 2012

They throw me as a small wooden block,
So that I could find my way through the sea
Floating through the currents of waves
Facing the troubles all by me

As I marked my way through Amazon and the Nile
I believe I can do anything because I am free world the sea,current,waves
Without any haste and greed in my heart
And without caring the hardships along
It does not matter how people around me are
The thing that matters is that, I get how much far

Conquering the world
Tearing the sea beds
Following just my heart
I am the one who can make it wonderful
If I want

As I get through and reach the final point
The tides in the way of Pacific Ocean and the red sea
I still am the small wooden block
As was floating before all by me
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