The Changing Scenario

Kavita Baid
Published on: February 2013

Today's world demands peace in all cases,
But we are fools to break it into pieces.
Harsh words, harsh tongue, we've forgotten gentleness...
Ooh man!!! just ponder on your irksome consequence!!!

Our mother earth cries ...."See the sun-rise",
We in pathetic condition value everything in price!!!
No time to look even if our baby cries,
We, the learned are busy with infinite strife.

Disputes, quarrel, enmity everywhere is found,
We cross all the limits, not with consistency we are bound.
Gone are the times when no disparities were around,
In today's world only richness, status and position count.

People who ostentate their material power,
Will land up nowhere except in the dark.
A man doesn't respect the feelings of other's heart,
It's just like how a fish is eaten up by a shark!!!
changing scenario,dispute
One has no right to admire the beauty of nature,
When we deliberately destroy our nation's stature.
For all our sabotage we'll regret in future,
If we find no way out, we ought to face the danger!!!
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