Blue belle

Padmini Dutta Sharma
Published on: 27th February 2014

When I was down and taking the hits

You joined my broken pieces bit by bits

Your warmth and smile have always lingered

Like fresh jasmines on my green courtyard.,,

Your silky manes and azure fall

Charms everyone big or small

Your natural inkling to come forward

For every cause tough or untoward

Has set you apart from the rest of the clan

You stand upright, tall like the gorgeous pelican.

Distance and work may have kept us apart

There are blokes on the way and many perverts

But our mental affinity has traversed all that far

Where we needn't clarify, doubt, or surrender.

It's in our consciousness where we reign

That is unfathomable, deep and unsurpassable

It is here that we commune with higher souls

Your blue drapes in unison with the supreme symbols!

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