My inner mind

Padmini Dutta Sharma
Published on: 26th February 2014

It was raining nonstop as I drove towards those tunnels
My mind was not in control
Thoughts ran errands in uncensored channels,
I could hear a voice within that was full of hope
But I what I encountered everyday
Was no less than a daily soap.

I was driving recklessly without caring much
Suddenly I could see nothing as such
The grey sky turned black
And I felt I had no pulse
I succumbed to the pressure and forgot to breathe
My throat chocked and I couldn't talk or shout
I wish someone had kissed me on my mouth.

my inner mind,thought,hope
The cold engulfed my body and I slowly glided
Without much thought I paved my way and abided,
I don't remember what transpired in between
I was soaring amidst the blue velvets
And playing with clouded balls
A bird tweeted hallo in my after thoughts
I loved the sweet cherries and the rocks
I met a fairy that held my wings
We went higher like floating queens.

Suddenly I felt a warm rug around my body
And those two eyes looking down at me
As I lay in his laps and breathed him in
I didn't want to wake at all from this dream

I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep
While he fed me with water droplets each by each
I held on tightly not wanting to let go
He came down on me and kissed me slow
His passion and sweat washed all low
It was the elixir that I needed all through
He whispered, "nothing has changed
Love was always there and will always brew."
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