Ananya & Aparna - The Rising Young Stars From Bangalore

Sujit Lalwani
Published on: January 2012
Book: The Guys Next Door!
Being best friends since 2 years, these two Class 10 Kids - Aparna & Ananya - from KLE International School, Bangalore, India look no different from the others. Before you are fooled, you realize they aren't the average 10th grade students they're supposed to be. For one, they have a book coming out in the next few months. Howzzat, for not being ordinary?
anaya and aparna,rising young stars of bangalore
One fine day they have gotten down to discussing how it would be if their favorite actors stayed next door, and hence was born "The Guys Next Door"! It first began on sheets of papers, which they finally compiled into a book.

They extend heartfelt gratitude to the "Principal Ma'am" Ms. Geetika, who was the first editor of the book, and their art teacher who helped them with the cover page! These kids find joy in the simple fact that al their cousins abroad are also waiting for the book, truer innocence I haven't encountered!

Snippets about the authors:

Aparna: Loves books, reading it as well as writing. Wishes to save tigers! Loves cats, Awesome at Quizzing & An aspiring Author.

Ananya: Loves books, A troubleshooter - Loves solving people's problems, Loves movies & Aspiring Author/Psychologist.

The IU team wishes them luck for the launch, and success in their journey!
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