Life, The Winner

Ejaz Ahmed Ansari
Published on: January 2012

I wipe tears from my crying eyes
Realizing how I was fooled by the lies,
Rising from the slumber I was put unto..

Broken, beaten and scarred
The carrion around me pierce my senses,
The spirit rises in me
The dam about to break

Am I the blind with an eye
Am I the cripple with an arm
Am I the dumb with a voice

The blight of my land hurts my feet
Vengeance makes the searing pain
feel like bliss,
I open my eyes but its apathy I meet

Thats all I can take, I can't take it anymore
but wait I WONT take it anymore..

I will raise a finger but not to point
I will raise a voice but not to condole
I will raise a fire but not to light a pyre
The finger shall choose
The voice shall bring revolution
The fire will purge

life the winner,revolution

O people of my forsaken land awake
let the purging begin
Death may be the JEW
The lover is but the winner
Life is my love
And life WILL be the winner,
Life will be the Winner..
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