Sandhya Nagaraj
Published on: 25th January 2014

The color of sunset
Soothen my senses
The smell of the sea
Beckons me..
The fragrance of the rose
Lingers on my desk
As I turn to take leave..

The sweat of the day's work
Drowns in the saline sea,
The music of the waves
Leaves place for no other music..
The slice of pizza
Tastes like heaven,
The banter with friends
Make each moment surreal..

The sun goes down
The moon comes up
And the stars shine away..
Lying on the sand
As I stare at the stars,
Answers of life unfold..
Destiny awaits to have a waltz with me,
While I'm searching for my destiny!

dusk,twilight,sunset As I live life,
moment by moment,
I drown in the two things
That amaze me..
One's the fragrance of musk,
And the other, The sea at dusk..

I'm forced to either drown into it,
Or flee..
I choose the former,
And hence I write this poem,
With no other way to express my glee..
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