End Of Day

Sujit Lalwani
Published on: 2nd January 2016

The year just got shorter by a day,
some slept with joy, some in dismay..

Some chose to keep friends on mind,
others flocked their mind with enemies..

Some swam like the fish in the pond,
others like the whale, traveled the seas..

Some stayed negative with jealousies,
others went around exploring their fantasies..

Some complained about all that they don't have,
others made a difference with their existing resources..

Some closed their eyes to the troubles of people,
others tried helping people by uniting all possible forces..

Some spent the day recalling the year that went by,
others lived stuff to tell a tale to the world some day..

All said and done, nature doesn't really care,
Tomorrow has arrived and today got over anyway..

So, Make choices & don't keep waiting for life to be fair,
Because, Choices define you at the end of day..

Whether you sleep with joy, or in dismay,
do not forget you shall open eyes to yet another day..

Sujit Lalwani is a contributing poet at SSAAZZ
End of Day
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