Of Myths and Legends

Sandhya Nagaraj
Published on: 5th January 2016

That the doors of heaven are closed is a myth,
Just so that you'd only walk in if you truly deserved so...
But attempt to con others and get in,
And you will find even being in heaven painful..

That the riches of the universe is unavailable to all is a myth,
Just so that you only take from it what you're willing to pay for...
But attempt to take more and pay less,
And you will find the gold you've taken turn to sand..

That the Grace of the supreme is received but in vain is a myth,
Just so that only those who truly are selfless receive it...
Pretend to be one and receive the grace a bit,
You will find the pain of a tall fall much greater...

The gates of heaven are always open,
The riches of the universe is available to all,
As is the grace of the supreme...
It is wiser to enter the gates once you know you've passed the test,
It is best to learn to pay more to get more,
And it is sane to climb the steps available than pretend to have wings and fall..
Myths and Legends
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