The Black Clouds

Neelam Saxena Chandra
Published on: July 2013

I could see the black clouds marching
like soldiers
With thunder and lightning as its ammunition
And rain as a weapon
To destroy all my hopes and optimism
I knew that with the malicious drops of rain
My sanguinity will perish
Mingling and mixing with the mean water
And I would be left forlorn and bereaved
Of my brightness, positivity and vibrancy...

This had kept happening years after years
As far as I could remember
And I was sure that it would occur
This year too...

However, this season
The rain came unannounced
With no trumpets
Gently and subtly...

As I gazed out from the window
I wondered why I was so apprehensive
of the drizzle?
I walked out of my narrow walls
And mingled with the shower...

The drops fell on me
Mystically and magically
Enveloping me with its positivity
A mist gathered around my eyes
And I let myself free in the mist...

I no longer see the black clouds
As symbol of depression and gloom
They are for me icons of blissfulness
They come and bless me
With the lightning, the thunder and the raindrops
Taking away all my murkiness
Absorbing all my despair
And leave me rejuvenated and revitalized...
the black clouds,optimism
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