"Coming Home"

Nikhil Jain
Published on: 22nd July 2014

The war has come to an end
It's the time to return to our land,
Scent of the fields miles away, I feel
Wounds of my body start then to heal;
Years passed since I saw you, Mom!
Your soldier's now coming home;

Friends, wish you all "Bon Voyage"!
With me, you all stood with courage,
Bravely, you all fought till the last
Our country's slavery is now the past;
These eyes longed to see the dawn
The soldier's now coming home;

But, the battle if calls me again
To save my country's name,
As to set the battle-field on fire
This fighter will never retire;
Till the last, I'll face the storm
And the soldier will be coming home.
coming back,bravery,soldier
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