Adversity's doing

Sandhya Nagaraj
Published on: 19th July 2015

Life doesn't put you in a hospital ward
so that you can wallow in self pity and cry,
It puts you there so that you know
just how much people need books with hopeful stories in there..
Life doesn't give you pain for nothin',
It puts you in pain so that tomorrow you can understand another's..

Life doesn't make you feel misunderstood because you deserve that,
It does so, so that you'll make sure nobody ever feels that way again..
At a hospital ward was I, with no windows,
Where I vowed to write stories of colour and hope..

In pain was I, with hardly any cure,
And today I live to alleviate those in pain..
In a delusion of not being understood was I,
Which has led to bonds of understanding- that can neither be broken by storm or rain..
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