Creative juices flow on Grafton Street

Planning to visit Dublin someday? Here's what you can watch out for..
Richelle Anne Carosaari
Published on: 17th July 2015
Creative Juices
When I arrived in Dublin, I was greeted with sunshine. It was quite unusual, I think, because from what I've read, they say it always rains in Ireland. So I was expecting that the Irish rain will be welcoming  me when I arrived. But the sunshine continued for 2 weeks and it has been a great time for me to pretty much explore the area. The one thing that I have grown to love in Ireland is the Irish's passion for art - you see musicians, painters, singers, photographers on the street. A very good place to nourish those creative juices.

One place to see that art is in Grafton Street. Aside from being Dublin's shopping district, Grafton Street is also where you will see a lot of performers. And the good news is you will see different sets of performers everyday!  Here are some of the creative and talented people that I have seen so far:

Creative JuiceCreative JuicesCreative JuicesCreative Juices

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So when you're in Dublin, don't forget to drop by at Grafton Street and also give a few euros if you enjoyed the show. Some of these street performers rely on a few donations to get by. Walk through the entire street and who knows you might even see the flamenco dancers or the guy who eats fire!

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