The VISION... Trust the process

If you are doing or working on something energetic, that you're really eager about you don't have to be pushed; the vision pulls you. Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside finds dreams. Who looks inside discovers arouses.
Komal Bhopi
Published on: 6th June 2015
‘The Vision’ - It is a picture of the future that produces passion. Many people are confused about what a vision is. They know the meaning but are unaware about real consequences. Dreams and visions are individuals.

A dream shouldn't be just a fantasy. It should get you out of your comfort zone because life is all about new experiences. Each day is different. Even though weeks, dates and months repeat years are different. Some people say, "My life is too boring because each day I have to do the same things." I believe that each day is different and you have to study each moment to realize it. Only then can you make a difference! Experiences and challenges from which you learn teach you how to live your life. But, realization and actualization are the most important for living your dreams as well as visions.

Until you don’t realize why God has put you in a situation you won't be able to resolve your ‘Vision for Life’. Everyone is born with some purpose. Those who’ve realized their purpose are ruling as superstars in this universe because they studied their framework and what they went through. Trust yourself and whatever you’re doing! Success, achievements or fulfilments of dreams need direction, dedication, commitment and hard work. You face challenges and failures which are important part of life.

Clarify your vision which is not effortless at all. Vision is not enough; it must be merged with a venture.

"Dreams can be many but Vision is solitary…"
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