Let's Boost Up!

Past is past; forget it fast. It's time to raise your head up and look into the future!
Hira khan
Published on: 6th June 2015

Stare at your targets and goals,
Keep the spirit inside your soul,
Rebolt all your worries
Bang it out and feel free! 

Involve yourself and get engrossed
Nothing will interfere and cut your cross,
Follow your dreams, accomplish your desire,
Keep winning in vision, suck that fire!!

Frugal is your time and its importance,
Demolish all your circumstances
Grasping true power and gain,
Leave all your troubles and pains.

Why to raise a hue and cry for the past if it was bad,
Intend for your future, as
Growing your tree today and take the shade. 
Innovate yourself like a great orator,
Write your own life's page and be a narrator.

Keep effort greatly, and always do try,
As sky is open, you have to fly.
Hard work and honesty is the successful chemistry,
Keep good faith on God,
He will solve your mystery! 
Let's Boost Up Problems are like examination to pass,
Give your 100% and be apart.
Talent and experience are expensive equipment, 
One day you will become truely successful,
Nothing is gentle as your real strength!!
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