World of Darkness

The world of darkness is much more colourful than the real world because it is encompassed with creative imagination rather than practical reality.
Christine Hannon
Published on: 14th June 2015

My world is dark around me,
Not a ray of sun is found,
I depend on other senses,
Like touch and smell and sound.

Please! Don't feel sorry for me,
That's not the thing to do,
Except that I am blind,
I'm just the same as you.

I can hear the birds that sing,
As they flutter through the air,
I can touch the gentle petals,
Of the flowers growing there.

I cannot see the colors,
That make a rainbow grand,
But I hear the whisper of the wind,
And feel the grass growing on the ground.

I can tell you by your footsteps,
Feel your presence when you're near,
Identify you by your voice,
And I've been known to shed a tear.

Poor soul, how he must suffer,
I hear some people say,
But they close their eyes to justice,
So I'd rather be this way.
World of Darkness
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