I Want That India Back

Nikhil Jain
Published on: March 2012

The Golden Bird
with rich culture,
Widely heard
for its treasure,
Remembered for
Great kings & great saints,
who took birth
on that land,
That dignity,
That greatness,
Now, where is that?
"I want that India back"

Rulers and dynasties
came and went,
But no one
too long remained,
Found defeated
and turned away,
Against its unity
and "Satyagraha",
That brotherhood,
That equality,
Can anyone return me that?
"I want that India back"
i want that india back,rich culture The relation
of teacher and student,
For which
famous was my land,
where youth
became inspiration,
And followed truth
away from corruption,
That zeal,
That spirit,
Youth can only return that,
"I want that India back"
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