Soft Storm

Zoha Khalid
Published on: March 2012

It shattered my house into pieces
It broke my heart like a glass
And I wasn't even able to figure that out
Because all that happened so fast
I cried a lot, and I shouted
But no one came there to take me
Take me to the place very calm

No one there to love or even hate me
I screamed as hard as I could
I tried to do things to safe myself
I wished to open eyes as it was a dream
But it was all true
It was all happening
It seemed to me like a never ending flood
soft storm,shattered Tear my body and stain my blood
But after the flood it was all very smooth
Like after every night there is a dawn
Life maybe difficult but it's a set norm
Dark nights and thunder vanishes one day
Reminding you the past, was just a soft storm...
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