Share the responsibilities

Mohan BN
Published on: March 2013
Every work that happens on this planet is due to the initiative taken by some individual. It's the first thought that comes in one mind and then spreads into more at the end of which more number of people pass their consent to take up the task. Once the task is announced it shall be a distributed responsibility system under which each person should be ready to contribute in whatever way that is possible. When work is not assigned to any particular individual, then s/he must be ready to share the responsibilities.
share the responsibility,creativity
Often it is seen that when a work is assumed to be done, everyone assumes that someone will do the work. Unfortunately when each one has assumed that someone else shall do the work, no one takes it up and it becomes a completely unattended work. It is a very common scenario that not all the times, all the work is assigned to all the people. Sometimes there are tasks that demand attention and come in ad-hoc times. At such junctures it is very important for every team player to recognise the need, take up the responsibility and serve the purpose. The work might be sometimes professional related or in one's own family functions or for a social cause. With responsibility comes more freedom to exercise our creativity and contribute to the necessity.

In this fast pacing world, people are more concerned about the rewards they shall receive for the work they do rather than the work itself. Hence any kind of extra work brings along an extra burden for them in disguise. Responsibility is just a invisibility cloak put on the power inside. One who takes up the responsibility shall definitely have more power since both the knowledge and experience required to perform the task shall be vested in him/her. Hence sharing responsibilities not only helps the team to accomplish the task but also helps in upgrading the individual.
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