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You, my ink!

You have been my first love since I know
You be with me, wherever I go
When my lips can't speak, you do
Every passing day, the more I grow in you!

You heal my wounds inflicted by a reason
Keeping me so happy for all seasons!
I share with you more than smiles & laughs
Giving me wings to my unrefined thoughts!

More than any friend, amicable & true
Senseless thoughts, my tears, ails I etch in you
Crazy fantasies, frivolous dreams, not a few;
'Cause I breath-in an experience & breath-out you!

My mirror, a perfect reflection of me
To unlock the inner me, you are the key
Let this divine love forever be
You are an architect of my life, who completes me!
You, my ink! ,Architect of Life

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Daneshwari S Mirji
Daneshwari S Mirji is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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