ACI's VOD Summit 2016

ACI’s VOD Summit will be taking place in London, UK, on 8th - 9th June 2016. The two day event will bring together major industry stakeholders to address the key issues across the evolving and fragmented VOD market.

The event will consist of a series of informative presentations followed by interactive Q&A sessions. There will also be panel discussions which will give comprehensive insight on the views shared from different aspects of the TV & VOD industry.
VOD 2016
Key topics:

  • Transformation of VOD business models
  • How do broadcasters balance OTT strategy vs licensing content to aggregate platforms
  • US broadcasters entering fragmented European market and implications of European broadcasters going international
  • Data & advertising: how to capture and leverage first party data for product, marketing and targeted advertising
  • VOD user experience & audience habits: user experience for best content discovery
  • Balancing technology investment vs payoff: maintaining lean overhead product processing options across platforms
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