Clarion Call of Vedanta

Find solutions to all your problems in one place
Lokendra Singh
Published on: 4th May 2015

The Vedanta lion is roaring to the youths
I am the remedy, I am the truth,
I will soothe you and make you couth,
I am the treasure, I am the master-key,
You will find all answers in me.
Whenever despair encircles you,
Whenever you feel low,
Whenever you get any blow,
Always remember I am there to aid,
To fix you in such a Glory that never fades.

I am there to glad you,
I am there to remake you,
Whenever you are alone,
Whenever you are thrown,
Whenever you are moan,
I am there to accompany you,
I am there to bring fun in you,
I am there to bring ecstasy in you,
Not any exaggeration, all is true.

Whenever you have any dilemma,
Whenever you face any enigma,
Whenever you feel mental carcinoma,
I will be there to bring aroma in your life,
I will be there to bring charisma in your life,
I am there to become solution
To all your unresolved puzzles,
I am the solace to all your troubles,
I am the end to all your struggles.
Clarion Call
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