I keep Hope!

Hope is the only thing that has kept mankind alive every day yearning for a better future. Let's hope for a better future for all of us.
Hira Khan
Published on: 28th May 2015

I keep hope, hope to put me up,
I keep hope, to gain a wisdom cup,
If life will get me down somewhere,
I keep hope, that I will not quit and will be goal stare.!!

I Keep hope soon I will create myself,
And will look inside my talents,
I keep hope God has also blessed me,
Like others, I too will prove myself!!

I keep positive hope with my life,
Hope I will be nurtured and will live thrive,
Hope I will always write with spread love wide,
Hope to stand on success level,
One day will touch all the hearts inside!!

I keep "HOPE".............!!
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