Oh Woman!!

Value the most wonderful creation of God around you in your life
Published on: 2nd May 2015

Oh Woman
A Bow from heaven
Guardian angels you have been
what a selfless journey it has been
Oh!! Only you know what it takes
to smile still being one
Oh Woman
A Bow from heaven

Obeying Daughter to an Organized wife
Yes you did it all in great style
Yet the soul still wonders
Is this all you ever wanted
Parents distant Friends forgotten
Fun 'n' frolic a burden
Laughter was felt Louder
Pretentious smiles did better
Dawn to Dusk you played your roles
too tired to recollect even if someone cares
For you never wanted to impress those
Yet you often prayed for the Happiness of Theirs
Oh Woman
A Bow from heaven

Dress was chosen ,
Actions were given
Activities curtailed
& friends had to be limited
yet your soul never complained
as Heavens wondered
Self Happiness did matter
but their smiles you thought were better
Careers were being considered
But priorities were always preferred
Be it a Mother
Be it a Wife
Be it a Sister
or A Mentor
Could we ever think of someone Better
Oh Woman
A Bow from Heaven
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