How I discovered LIFE is an OXYMORON!

Suman Choudhary
Published on: 7th May 2016

This definitely may be a poem.

Because in the world we believe everyday, every moment is a choice.
Oh my friend.
You'll be bumped with only choice instances.
You may say, this is so fairly unfair.   

But alas!
This world is not an open secret.
And that I tell you , is a desert justification.

Life my friend, is an organised chaos.
Clearly confused you may lie everynight ,
thinking about how virtual realities are exact estimate of an extinct life.
You may find,
even odds here are seriously funny.
And almost everything around is in a constant perpetuity.

there exists similar differences and constant variables
as natural as actors act.

But isn't this what makes life,
a festive tranquility,
a magical realism
a working vacation!
Life is an Oxymoron
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