From Light into Darkness?

Karen Olson Johnson
Published on: 20th November 2013
On a very narrow road, driving along the north side of the island, about ten feet from the ocean on our right, going about fifty miles an hour, he turns off the truck lights. Still moving at that speed, we can no longer see a thing. I cannot even see the hand in front of my face which is moving to cover my mouth to stifle a scream. The world is blanketed in pitch black darkness. My immediate feeling of fear is slowly being replaced by a feeling of awe. I have never been in this much darkness in my entire life. How can the world, absent of light, be so dark? What is in this darkness that I do not see? Time passes...a few seconds, maybe? Total shock has been replaced in me with total calm. He flips the switch and the truck lights illumine the road once more.
from light into darkness,vision
Where once there was light, there is darkness.

Where once there was darkness, there is light.

It seems the question is not whether or not there is light or there is darkness, the question may be whether or not we have vision. For, vision is not always dependent upon an outside source of illumination. There is a vision we see when we close our eyes and drift off to sleep. There is a vision we see when we close our eyes and listen to music that fills our bodies with joy. There is a vision we see when we close our eyes and submerge ourselves into the depths of warm ocean waters. There is a vision we see when we sit cross legged, eyes closed and meditate. There is a vision we see for a world filled with peace, a vision for all of humanity to see.

Not everything is perceived in the presence of light. Vision is possible in the light, yes. Vision is probable in the darkness. As we move from light into darkness and from darkness into light, let us keep our minds open to the vision.
"It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision."
Helen Keller
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