A Paradigm of Chaos

Nehal Pratap
Published on: 30th November 2015

Cast your gaze upon this earth;
The home of man,
And a million others.
The days are past, when we wallowed in dirt;
Fragile and helpless, prey
To nature’s hunters.

Observe us now-
We thrive in shallow ecstasy;
Blissfully unaware of our own idiosyncrasies.
The peace we have created is but an illusion,
From which we derive hollow gratification.

We live in a world gripped
By sorrow and lust.
Thereupon you may ponder-
“Who is left, that I may trust?”

But the Box of Pandora fostered more
Than moral vices;
That which humanity has nurtured
All through the ages.
Behold the beacon of benevolence-
The light of Hope.

We may have blundered, plundered and
Yet, we have also loved, saved, hoped and

In life we tend to lose our way; and
Stray from our creed…
Of Love and Hope.
But through belief and trust we vanquish
These phantoms of malevolence and greed…
With Love and Hope.

Humanity may very well be the cause
Of its own destruction.
Or it may pave a new path; the road
To its own salvation.
This decision rests solely in our hands-
With entities such as you and I.
A Paradigm of Chaos We can mope and wail about our predicament;
Or buckle up for one last try.

To save our land,
To save our people,
From this stultifying stasis,
Prepare, we must, to move heaven and earth,
Whatever the ultimate cost is.

Or we may simply sit back, relax
And watch the world burn.
Let it be consumed by Hell’s Inferno;
To be left with anguish, regret and a lifetime
Of wrong turns.

It is said that there is a method to madness;
To find a way past despair and sadness.

All that’s left
For us to do, is to save
All that’s left
Of this world.
All that’s left…
Of this Paradigm of Chaos.
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