I See You

Rahul Thacker
Published on: 4th Anniversary (20 Nov '15)

I see you in your true form,
The beautiful woman that you are…
I get that slight tinge of warmth,
So very near to you, yet so very far!

I see you from a place so far away,
A place beyond bounds of time & space…
I wonder if there is a predestined way,
To win this agonizing destined race.

A race that can lead me straight to you,
YOU, my love, being the ultimate prize…
I see you from a place so very far away,
And I’m simply awestruck, nothing left to say!

I see your past & can’t help but wonder;
What secrets of yours lie down under?
Under those eyes that give me sleepless nights,
I cannot do much, but ponder& ponder…

I see your present, unable to suppress my joy,
For I have seen you grow leaps & bounds.
Your smile to me is sunshine, my love,
No matter how silly that may sound!

I see myself years down the line,
As an inseparable part of your future.
I wish for myself so very sincerely,
That you find me worthy as a suitor.
I See You
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