Waking up to Reality!

Sandhya Nagaraj
Published on: 4th Anniversary (20 Nov '15)

No desert sands or stormy winds,
No nightmares or dreams, not that evening since..
Only the cool breeze of the evening sun,
And reality that is better than any dream..

No battles to fight or foes to hate,
No Gods to love, no heroes to emulate..
Only a world encompassed in compassion,
And finding friends who I thought I could meet only in fiction..

No ego to dissolve or hate to conquer,
No desire to rid of, no darkness to light,
Only openness and light everywhere,
With a quiet understanding that everyone has it all..

No dust to clean or madness to heal,
No gravity to hold back, no pull to withdraw..
Only crystal-like purity and devotion,
With a conscience that holds in place what even gravity cannot..

No secret ingredient to pass on or treasure to keep hidden,
No gates to crash to enter, No doors no bars no handles..
Only love in all dishes and friends worthier than any treasure,
With open doors and minds where any soul alive can find solace..

No questions to ask, no answers to seek,
No shooting stars to wish on, no angry words to curse with..
For the answer is visible in the present to see,
That all your wishes combined is lesser than how beautiful reality has turned out to be..
Waking up to Reality!
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