Your Cubic Slang

Marieta Maglas
Published on: 22nd November 2015

Enclose the closeness in your soul,
Enclose it as you enclose the ''UCO'' in cornucopias.
Enclose the gray transparency in your sky,
When it is so close to your coming clouds.

They are the dimples of your cognitive space,
They are hollow thoughts,
When you set your ideals at naught.
Those clouds are inside of your gray

As close as the ''co'' in the cocoon,
Those clouds are fulfilled with your lead rain.
They are uncracked nuts waiting for a crack.
Let the rain of your Cumulonimbus storm

To fall over the lead of my pain.
Enclose inside of my lead
All your Oort clouds
Lost in your cubic slang.
Your Cubic Slang
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