An Earnest Friend

Nikita Bhojwani
Published on: 17th October 2016

When I met you,
Very little I knew.
As time passed away,
Me and you sway.

You are the one who understands the fact,
That you and me have to make a pact.
The way you captivated your attraction.
It all captured my attention.

You love to Explore
and I can't Ignore
We are so foody,
That we ain't moody

With you life is such grand
That i get lost in dreamyland.
You are so sweet like a chocolate.
It was always there in my pocket

Your surrounding is a dreamy world
Happily, my life became Impearled.
You have made my life enriching
by doing some sort of betwitching

I have all the warm
because of your wonderful charm
Your expressing love towards me
is a shining star to glee
An Earnest Friend
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