Sonal Lobo
Published on: 7th October 2016

Marriage is not about big things, it’s all the little things done with love
Marriage is not just sunrise it’s being together in sunset too
Marriage is not just kiss on the cheeks but its kiss on forehead too.
Marriage is not just about laughter it’s also about holding close while the other one cries
Marriage is not just the smooth highway it’s also the curved bends.
Marriage is not just the song it’s sometimes only instrumental too.
Marriage is not just I it’s us.
Marriage is about waking up to see his face first in the morning
Marriage is about him who searches to see her after a long days work.
Marriage is the piece of cake she sacrifices so that he can eat
Marriage is the words of appreciation inspite of a not so good meal
Marriage is when he wraps his arms round her to make her feel warm.
Marriage is when she lies silently on his chest when things around are wrong.
Marriage is when she welcomes him home with a smile
Marriage is when he helps her when she wishes to rest a while

Marriage is sometimes about the little arguments and those cute little fights.
Marriage is trying a little harder to forgive and forget when other one hurts for a while.
Marriage is apologizing when wrong
Marriage is being patient and selfless.
Marriage is about being along when situations seems not so right.
Marriage is smiling after pain.
It’s all about walking together even when it rains

Marriage is beautiful and it’s us who will make it always remain the same.
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