Shraddha Porwal
Published on: 6th September 2014

Nothing to write, but random thoughts inside
Looking at the sky, to find limits outside
Nothing is there and boundless reside
Standing alone, collecting thoughts in mind
It's nothing outside but limits inside

Wondering why am I putting limits on my mind
Wondering why do I think so much high
It's easy everything, why my mind does lie

My heart wants to go out and high
Without any boundary, far there as sky
To roam around the world, to find the place
In this universe, all over the space

It wants to be free, not to be obliged
It wants to love without any cries
When goes inside, it thinks so down
But I wonder why this change lies

I want my world peaceful and divine
Where there is so much energy and sunshine
Blue sky and clouds white
Standing with hopes, without sighs...
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