In search of that breeze

Published on: 7th September 2015

Do you know the breeze that drifts across
Soothing minds and souls?
It's not one of those breezes of the
Storms and hurricanes.
Instead, it was like a symphony amidst chaos,
A healing medicine to wounds.
It could put a bustling mind at serenity;
It could make you smile in your gloomy days.
The breeze that made your day, just being around, just being a part.

I was enthralled and enchanted by it.
There was everything I admired about it.
But there's one thing that was inevitable.
The breeze was a guest; always a guest.
It couldn't stay, forever.
But while it was there, it made sure it lightened up
People's life, my life.
And then walk away, leaving behind a void
That was very difficult to be filled.
Little did it know the impact it had on people,
It was very difficult to give upon it.
I wished everyday, for a way to make it stay.
Because the void it left behind was irrevocable.

But I knew it was a juvenile effort.
I knew I had to let it go, because it was never mine.
And I did, serene at the fact that
I had the privilege of experiencing it, knowing it.
And the happiness, it gave me,
I knew I couldn't have asked for more.
I let it go and it drifted away from me
As if we were strangers; as if we had never met.
May be that's how it was supposed to end;
we shall keep it that way.

But I can't help it; till today in the stretch of tranquility,
I always find myself searching for its noise,
which always sounds like a melody to me.
In Search of Breeze
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