Days of Old

Michael Dale-Asiedu
Published on: 14th September 2016

How things were and could be again
Our ancestors dreamt, we have to carry on
They planted, we have to nurture growth

Our great grandparents had unrivalled virtues
Our values ail today, tomorrow has no promise
Our audacity and tenacity wavers

Our fore fathers lived healthily, sickness abounds now
Long fulfilled lives they enjoyed, ours, otherwise

Their telepathy with nature was superior
Our coordination now is pregnant with confusion

They had winds and waves of good will
We have earthquakes and tsunamis of ill-will

They had placid climates; climate patterns are angry now
So a farmer cannot depend on nature anymore

They understood the simplicity of life
We deem life too complex and
Refuse to learn, oh friendly the days of old.
Days of Old
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