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What's so Great About All-Weather Cycling?
I can feel it in the air. Autumn. And soon, winter. Right about now all the fair-weather bicycle commuters start locking their bikes in the garage and opting for the car instead. I would be lying if I said I didn't envy their heated bucket seats, faux-fur steering wheel covers, and magical heat blasting dashboards. I ride past them on my way to work in the early morning darkness, all sleepy...
Katie Kapro
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12th November 2016
6 Must See Spots to Visit in Thailand for Your Dream Honeymoon
The wedding is definitely something sweet, 'a road to forever' as they say. After the most awaited wedding ceremony, what is next? Of course, honeymoon it is. There is nothing better than maximizing the time that newly weds spend as they go on their honeymoon. Making it intimate, sweet, memorable and yet fun filled and exciting, everything that you surely want to experience with your husband or wife. Where is the...
Joel Corde
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19th September 2016
Absolutely mesmerizing festivals in Sydney
Sydney is such an amazing place to visit at the worst of times, and when there's a festival in the city, things get one hundred times better. With so much to see and do it's hard to decide where to go and what to prioritise. These are my favourite Sydney festivals - be sure to check them out and consider coming down to see what they are like!
Sydney Festival Of course we have to start with the actual Sydney Festival, which is a celebration of the arts based around the city itself. It has been running for more than 40 years and often includes community participation events so that everyone can get involved. There’s usually a free concert for you to listen to and theatre is a big part of it. The Festival Village pops up for Family...
Alicia Mayson
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7th September 2016
Going on an Adventurous Vacation on a Budget
Surprisingly it is often more expensive to rough it out on a vacation than vacation in a good tourist spot with a star hotel booked for the entirety of the vacation. Going on an adventure vacation is not necessarily expensive. With research you can always find cheaper alternatives. And you should, for that adds to the adventure. Check out how.
Anyone can splurge and travel down the most-taken path, but not all of us take the less traveled route. So let's see how you can get the adrenaline pumping for less. Skydiving on a Budget This is one of the first adventure related activities for people who have been just bitten by the adventure travel bug. It sounds scary but is exhilarating. Think of jumping from the plane, as pulling a...
Rachael Everly
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31st August 2016
Four Tips for Greenhorn Travelers Destined for Mexico
Mexico and the United States share a tenuous relationship. Obviously. Officially, the US has issued a travel warning for its Southern neighbor because of drug cartel activity, but even the wordage in that warning has a touch of dualism. On the one hand the Department of State points out, "crime and violence are serious problems and can occur anywhere, and U.S. citizens have fallen victim to criminal activity, including homicide,...
Katie Kapro
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17th August 2016
New Zealand: A World of Light and Treasure
Long ago, the Lord of the Forest, Tāne-mahuta, was tired of a world immersed in inky darkness. He was trapped between the tight embrace of his mother and father. His father was Ranginui, the sky. His mother was Papa-tū-ā-nuku, the earth. Together, they bound him in place devoid of all light. With decisiveness and strength, Tāne-mahuta pushed his mother and father apart, creating the world of light...
Daniel Matthews
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6th August 2016
4 Top Vacation Spots on the Southern Atlantic Coast
There are plenty of vacation destinations planted up and down both coasts of the U.S., but few that embody Southern elegance and beauty quite like those on the Southern Atlantic coast. Find out here.
Of course, everybody goes to Florida for their wonderful sands, but there are also hidden gems nestled along coastlines of Virginia and the Carolinas as well. Virginia Beach, VA Named one of the top 10 boardwalks in the US by National Geographic, the three mile oceanfront boardwalk in Virginia Beach is a big draw for couples looking for an exciting and scenic nightlife. Among the sights and sounds, you can expect to...
Cody Hill
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5th August 2016
10 Extremely Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Next Vacation
Itching to travel but stuck in a nightmare of budget woes? We've got your covered. Here are 10 easy ways that can actually help you pack up and travel to that place you've always wanted to visit.
Come up with a carefully budgeted travel plan One of the easiest ways you can save up for your next travel is to carefully carve out your budget plan for the whole trip. Set up a "goal" amount and try saving up. With your goal budget in mind, you can try to add some extra bucks on the side - the amount does not really matter, as less is always more...
Joel Corde
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18th July 2016
It's Goa calling for party hoppers
If you are looking out for a great place to party hard, then it's definitely Goa calling for you. As the sun sets, Goa transforms itself into an illuminated haven for party animals. So if you feel like letting your hair down and dancing, or spinning the wheel of fortune at the casinos, or just relaxing on the beach star-gazing with your loved one, Goa has a lot more than...
Mridu Bhattacharya
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12th July 2016
Ride To Light: The Mishmi Hills Challenge
How does one fully capture the essence of a never-before-attempted cycling tour in 350 words? Well, you really can't. So, at the risk of leaving out all the interesting details, here's what happened at Ride To Light 2016.
Amidst the fanfare of Tezu's Republic Day celebrations, Ride To Light 2016 – North East India's first full-fledged cycle tour - was flagged-off by the DC of Lohit district, Arunachal Pradesh. Over the next 6 days, 8 riders supported by a crew of 20 people would try and conquer the 300 kilometers between Tezu (Lohit district) and Anini (Dibang Valley district); a feat never-before- attempted on cycles. The route covered...
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16th June 2016