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How To Tame Your Ego?

Every human has this innate sense of pride that sometimes reflects in their lives. This excessive sense of self-pride sometimes causes unwanted embarrassment to us. Therefore, it is important for us to stay in control of our ego so that we don’t cause unnecessary embarrassment to others.
Here we’ve come up with some useful tips on how to tame your ego:

Don’t React

Sometimes, we tend to say nasty things to others in the moment of heat that cause the feeling of embarrassment to others. The words are the most powerful tool to win over any war. Similarly, the bitterness in your words can even hurt the others.

Therefore, it is important to be conscious of your word selection when you snap at someone.

While it is difficult to control your anger when someone hurts your ego, it is better to walk off the scene rather than hitting back at someone with vile comments as it is only going to cause more embarrassment to you.
Tame Your Ego

Don’t Resort To Complaining

Many times, we need to complain about things that are not in our control. But there are things that you can change with some efforts. For example, if you have constant skirmishes with your neighbor, co-worker or life partner and you get hurt by their constant nagging, then it is important to have a serious discussion with them on the issue.

It is better to clear the air by avoiding the ego clashes people who are in your proximity rather than resorting to arguments with the person.

Learn To Be Patient

Too often, we tend to vent out our anger when we feel hurt by actions of the others. However, you need to understand that patience enables you to absorb the negative energies. When we control our feelings in a heated situation, we are able to tame our ego and train our mind to not react to the person who hurt your ego.

Say Sorry For Your Mistakes

“I am sorry”, no doubt a big ego holder will never say these three words. For many people, it is the hardest habit to learn as it badly affects their ego. Make the habit of saying sorry to people you have intentionally or unintentionally harmed.  This way you will not break your relation instead break ego that is keeping you far from your precious relations. Otherwise, you might miss valuable people from your life.

Never Criticise Anyone

Don’t waste your time and energies in noticing other mistakes instead help them. If you really care about your teammates, neighbor or anyone then you should stop figuring out their mistakes. Instead, you should make things easier for them by appreciation and guidance so that they could also perform in a better way. Through this technique, you could easily let your ego down as well as make space in the heart of people.

Judge Yourself Only

In order to tame ego, it is crucial to judge oneself only rather than judging others. You should never compare yourself with others performance because you don’t know the reality of the other person. If you’re not able to enhance your performance, then you have no right to figure out others strengthen and weaknesses. Moreover, you should compare yourself only with your past only to make your future prosperous with better results.

In the end, it could be stated now that this post shares the most popular strategies to handle out our ego in a positive way. If you’re also not performing well because of your ego problem, then you should implement these strategies in your daily routine. Hopefully, these tips could help you easily improve your personality and performance as well.

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Catherine Daisy
Catherine Daisy is a Counselor, Blogger, and a Yoga Trainer.

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