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Designing the Future Workspace: A Balance of Technology Transformation & Employee Expectations

Rapidly changing technologies, an evolving workforce, and shifting corporate values are causing companies to not only look at how to attract and retain employees but also, achieving this through the utilization of technology. Vonlanthen Group of Companies presents this delicate transformation at the Future of Work & Workspace Summit in Barcelona, Spain on May 18th - 19th, 2017.
Working 9 – 5 in a cubicle to optimize space, maximize work, and minimalize socialization is a thing better left in the 20th century. With the rise of the digital age, employers are increasingly challenged to create a workspace that is beneficial to the needs of the employee while capitalizing on tools and technology in the digital world; with the goal of maximizing employee potential for the overall success of the company. With this the world is offered a reversed question, how can we design a workspace that fits to inspire employees instead of designing employees to fit into a workspace?
Future of Work & Workspace Summit
The Future of Work & Workspace Summit tackles this subject by focusing on the latest trends in office design, the newest ways of working, and how we collaborate to create a space that is conducive to employee inspiration. The conversation revolves around two aspects that are dependent upon each other in a company’s drive to create a more modern workspace. The first one is the workspace as an experience; and the second being employee experience. Worldwide companies, like IBM, CISCO, Oracle, Nokia, Expedia, and Capgemini and Siemens are thinking creatively in these two streams and how they can create the workspace of tomorrow. Speakers from these companies will share their specific experiences in implementation.

Offering insights in creating a workspace that is an operational experience, Fernando Egea, Global Practice Director Digital Transformation Group Workforce Experience for CISCO will provide his experiences of building a future workspace. Digital transformation affects all parts of business, but the transformation starts with the workforce experience. His philosophy centers on the combination of digital technologies, workplace design, and polices and process changes creating an environment for employees to thrive in. By centering the workspaces around these pillars companies can attract and retain talent that will ultimately drive employee engagement and overall business performance.

The digital transformation is not the only thing changing the workforce from a highly-structured being to one of fluidity and customization. The other is the employee experience. Presenter, Weronika Niemczyk, HR Director of Expedia suggests to manage the changing nature of the workforce use customer relationship management (CRM) techniques and technologies on employees. This means changing our mindset from employees working for you to employees working with you. In her presentation, she will suggest that HR specialists put a consumer mindset onto employees. In doing so, create internal experiences that build trust and loyalty for the company by employees. By “Instilling a Consumer Mindset to HR Solutions,” as she titles her presentation, not only can you create an employee experience that fosters employee loyalty, but also one that enhances the brand of the company.

More importantly, what these two speakers and the other presenters will suggest is that these two streams are dependent upon each other to truly build a workspace for the future. A future successful workspace will manage a digital transformation and employee expectations through a careful calculation of design between technology and psychology. The future of work lies within the delicate relationship of the two. The iUeMagazine team is delighted to work with Future of Work & Workspace Summit as Online Media Partners & is expected to bring Unlimited Inspiration for all readers from the proceedings of this event. Staying tuned to the enriching updates from this event is recommended.

Join us on May 18th – 19th in Barcelona to hear both Egea and Niemczyk present on their experiences, as well as hear from other senior leaders as they provide real-world solutions to creating a workspace fit for the future. To request a brochure or to register for the event visit https://vonlanthengroup.com/en/events/future-of-work-and-workspace-summit.html

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